Turkey welcomes the Emirati prince as they seek to mend their relationship

ANKARA, Turkey (AP) – Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan received Abu Dhabi’s powerful dictator Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan on Wednesday, as Turkey and the United Arab Emirates seek to mend strong ties and strengthen economic ties.

The visit of the crown prince, seen as a leader of the opposition and the force behind the stability of the UAE, is his first visit to Turkey since 2012, as well as the Emirati official’s high-profile visit since the tensions eased. many regional disputes. UAE national security adviser Sheikh Tahnoun bin Zayed Al Nahyan traveled to Turkey in August to prepare for the prince’s visit.

Ankara and Abu Dhabi in recent years have found themselves at odds with the Libyan war and conflict in the Gulf and the eastern Mediterranean.

In addition, the UAE is deeply disappointed with Turkey’s support for the Muslim Brotherhood in the region, which Arab countries consider dangerous. Ankara, for its part, suspects the UAE of supporting a group led by a Turkish Muslim leader in the US whom Turkey accuses of initiating terrorist attacks that failed in 2016.

A statement from Turkey’s presidency said the two leaders had discussed the two countries’ agreement and what they could do to strengthen the agreement. They will also discuss local and international developments.

The prince’s visit to Turkey is seen as part of a larger effort by the UAE to reconsider its foreign policy with the UAE following the failure to secede from Qatar in the Gulf state in 2017. Turkey, a Qatar ally, rushed to help Doha within the embargo. established by the UAE and the three Arab states. Turkey has strengthened its military ties with Qatar.

The Arab quartet at the time demanded several changes by Qatar, including the expulsion of Turkish troops, but Qatar denied its demands for violating its rights. The dispute was resolved earlier this year by an agreement signed in Saudi Arabia.

Turkey is taking steps to repair its strained relations with regional governments, including Egypt and Saudi Arabia, when it finds itself at a distance from other countries.

Erdogan said after his meeting with Sheikh Tahnoun in August that he expects an increase in funding from the UAE in Turkey. Sheikh Tahnoun’s visit was followed by a phone call between Erdogan and the prince.

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