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Sbadly after half an hour, Villarreal fans entered their version of Yellow Submarine, a song that the club took its name from. Naturally, being English people abroad, it is Manchester United fans at the northern end of the world decided to immerse them with their brand. They sang: “Number one with Georgie Best. “Number two is Georgie Best.”

How many other fans sing about a player they have never played in almost 50 years? It is easy to underestimate the respect of United in the past, unwavering demands for nostalgia, the idea of ​​choosing a Premier League player 97-98 years as his full-time manager. But there is more to it than that: line concept, unbroken thread, roots and origin. The song of George Best in 2021 stated: “We do not know exactly where we are going. We do not know who we are. But we know who we are. ”

Are the old still important? It is a more difficult question than it seems. The Death of Ole Gunnar Solskjær has proven that you can’t run a high-tech team on rationality and tradition alone. The past can encourage you but it will not change what you will become. But on the other hand you have Cristiano Ronaldo, a player who in the past has created amazing, dangerous surroundings around him, a hidden threat that makes the defenders tremble a little and give him a chance to add to it. Without that aura, it is a 36-year-old fat man with a problem. For Ronaldo the past is very important.

But, personally he is as smart as he is, no matter how many goals he has scored late, Ronaldo is not showing you where you are going. If United of 2024 is still tied around Ronaldo, then something is seriously wrong. To see the real you can be, you need players who can turn on the flashlight tomorrow. You need players with a vision, players who can make a vision. You need players like Jadon Sancho.

A cold night on the shores of Lake Valencian Sancho finally scored his first goal for Manchester United. It came 90 minutes against the weary enemy and made no difference in its outcome. But all of that sounded like a changing moment: a short back lift, a paddle on the feet, and then a powerful shot from the unforgiving side. Play. Bangi. Big smile, relaxed. Yes: as always, Sancho is still good at this.

He was probably doing very well in the United jersey, even the one that took the time to go. For the first 70 minutes United looked like a team with a temporary manager: leaden, indeterminate, stable. Villareal he was passing them through the park, though they too were powerless and disrupted the last third. If Gerónimo Rulli had not done his best to give the ball straight to Fred with 12 minutes left, it would have been a bad night for Michael Carrick.

But even during this long period, which is usually played quietly, Sancho was probably the best player at United. He had a very good chance at the game, swapping well with Bruno Fernandes before he saw his shot saved by Rulli. Well covered Aaron Wan-Bissaka back right. He did not have a lot of football but always had fun.

Undoubtedly, what Sancho did here will be the result of Solskjær’s departure but the reality may be coming. Sancho, after all, is a smart player who has been changing and finding answers throughout his career. Even so, imagine how frustrating it can be when the best player in the world realizes that you are playing under a coach who does not know how to develop your talent, who cannot develop your minister, who cannot guide you. . No wonder Sancho looks like a football player trying to make a fly: just the way he was.

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And yet the irony is that of all the mistakes United have made in the last few years, wasteful spending and wasting time, the biggest problem of the Solskjær disaster, United’s future looks bright. Donny van de Beek is 24 years old. He still has 20-year-old Mason Greenwood.

Sancho is only 21 years old and, with a top coach, a midfielder who deserves his name and a right-back who is not afraid every time he crosses the center, United could build the next decade around. She is so good. Time for repairs. Time to embrace speed and complexity and technical skills. Time to leave the past.

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