veterinary discharge sample

veterinary dental discharge instructions sheet template

The elements of a veterinary discharge instructions template are the focus of this article. Your discharge instructions either validate or prove your ignorance in the medical profession. So, under no circumstance should you take it for granted. 

You should note that your treatment routines, care, and discharge instructions are essential aspects of clinical procedures. As a health provider to pets, a well-planned discharge instruction is needed from you as pets owners are not skilled with animals, making it very necessary to come up with a good one. It will help satisfy clients and ensure owners will give proper after-care to pets.

The Veterinary discharge instruction is a properly planned and detailed account prepared by veterinary doctors showing the nature of a pet’s disease and how they should take care of it to avoid the occurrence of another.

Knowing that discharge instructions are vital, let’s see others’ reasons why they must be written. 

Reasons for writing discharge instructions 


We previously said that well-written discharge instructions increase client satisfaction and ensure that the best care is provided for the pets. However, there are more t’s see some of them 

  • It helps patients to know the name of the care provider 
  • Shows the suspected or preliminary diagnosis 
  • It gives a detailed account of medication used

Meanwhile, the purpose of veterinary discharge instructions is to prepare pet owners and pets to transition from the hospital to the house to prevent adverse conditions and possibly re-admission to the vet clinic. Still interested in giving the best care to your pets, let’s now consider what should be included in a veterinary discharge instruction.

10 elements of a veterinary discharge instruction template

10 elements of a veterinary discharge instructions template include 

veterinary discharge sample
veterinary discharge sample
  • The appellation of the pet owner: Here, the owner of the pet provides their name. Usually, they write their first and last names. 
  • Diagnosis: An accurate documentation of the test carried out, and the doctor should write the results and causative agents. Writing this will help to safeguard the pest against future occurrences.
  • Recovery: Duration it took drugs and other medications to work effectively. 
  • Medications All drugs and prescriptions that help speed recovery should also be written down.
  • Instructions It is the crux of the discharge template, as it is good to recover from disease, but it is better to stay healthy. The instructions provided will ensure maximally that the pet remains in an optimum state of health. 
  • Diet: What should be eaten by the pets to ensure adequate nutrients for the body’s healthy functioning. 
  • Exercise: Domestic animals need to exercise to stay healthy. It might sound funny, but the truth should state that pets should exercise to stay healthy. 
  • Special instructions: Here, the vet doctor states other instructions that might regard the diet and preference of the dogs. For example, when taking antibiotics, it is advised you take pets from milk as casein binds with it, which slows down absorption. 
  • Owner’s signature: This helps to prove that the owner acknowledges all that the animal doctor had spoken and written of the pets. 
  • Veterinary signature: This shows that an agreement has been reached and that the pet owner is satisfied with the manner the Vet doctor handled the pet. 

We should note that a properly written transition plan or discharge summary is vital. If not correctly done, you risk animals returning to the clinic, which I am confident nobody wants. Under such conditions, pet owners might consider you a quack because he or they will spend a lot of money and time. It could be annoying and frustrating even if we had enough cash and time. It will affect your reputation and, consequently, lose patronage. Have you ever wondered what a veterinary discharge template looks like? Here’s a sample?

Since our pets are animals, it doesn’t mean that they should be denied proper health care. When taking them to the vet clinic, we must take them to quality veterinary doctors. So, let’s see what to look out for when seeking a veterinary doctor. 

Factors to consider before choosing a vet doctor 

The factors to consider before making a choice on a vet doctor for your pet are many, but let’s see a few:

  • Accreditation: It is the most important factor to consider. You must ensure that the vet doctor is certified and a member of the professional body as there are quacks that parade themselves as professional.
  • Locations: You must consider this. You will not need a doctor that is very far from your house. It’s better if the vet clinic is a stone’s throw. So, should there be an emergency, it will be easier for you and the pet?
  • Equipment: Before making your final choice on your pet’s doctor, you have to ensure that there is quality equipment in it. You should check if they can do laboratory tests, have an ultrasound, find out how they respond to emergencies, and evaluate the general hygiene of the clinic.
  • Schedule: Here, you have to ascertain if they open at the weekend if you are busy during the day. This will allow you time to assess how the doctor takes care of your pets.
  • Interpersonal skills: We should not be carried away by the beauty or how equipped the clinic appears to be. We should check how the doctor responds to situations, his hygiene, communication skills, and managerial skills. It will let us know better the personality of the doctor.


We should know that if pets are adequately taken care of, we will live healthier considering they stay with us. So, we must endeavor to give your cats and dogs the best health care you can afford. Peradventure, they get sick, ensure you follow the discharge instructions to the latter. We should never look at them as animals, as our safety and health are at risk if we do so. So, if you were in the habit of treating pets carelessly, this article should be an eye-opener.