What does a reverse logistics expert do at Target?

What does a reverse logistics expert do at Target?

what is a reverse logistics expert?

so you are wondering what does a reverse logistics expert does at Target.com? According to the target career page. A Reverse Logistics Expert takes on the job of managing all areas of the store and he is saddled with lots of duties which include business fundamentals such as: department sales trends, pricing and promotion strategies, inventory management, process efficiency and improvement.

Job Roles a Reverse Logistics Expert does at Target.com

When a client returns merchandise to Target, that constitutes a bad experience. But sending back the previously purchased item can be a good experience when the person in charge of the returns carries out his or her duties well. This is the Reverse Logistics Expert’s core duty.

A target reverse logistics expert should be a pro in-store processes, operations, and efficiency. The job allows customers enjoy a consistent experience such that every merchandise sold at Target are well-priced, set, registered on the sales floor, and available.

The roles required for this job position can offer you experience in the fundamentals of retail business: inventory management, department sales trends, pricing and promotion strategies, process efficiency and improvement.

Also, you gain experience creating a guest first culture all over the store and knowledge of guest service basics as well as experience helping weekly or daily workload to aid business priorities and give return on sales goals.

What does a reverse logistics expert do at Target?

While working at this job, your duties for days are never similar, but on a normal day, you will most definitely carry out either of these activities:

  • Manage every outbound freight shipment-related document accurately, make preparation for shipping when needed, handle and spot environmentally sensitive item management within the reverse logistics arena complying with the necessary regulations and laws.

  • Offer service as well as a shopping experience that gratifies the guest’s needs, deal with merchandise returns based on the vendor and company guidelines, follow processes perfectly by paying attention to detail, process defective or damaged items.

  • Process credits perfectly and within a short time to reduce compliance risk and shortage, maintain all invoices and documentation based on record guidelines that have to do with ESIM waste pickups, deliveries, and every outbound.

  • Finish the environmentally sensitive item management weekly log, handle every inbound transfer within the store and deliveries, employ the receive application to guarantee the inventory is accurate, handle electronics recycling, and donations.

  • Process transfer orders (sweeps and between stores), CRC, inventory removals, and salvage that complies with the best methods and DOT regulations as well as portray a culture that resonates with safety, ethical conduct, and compliance.

What Target is Looking For

  • You may be the ideal job candidate if you aren’t planning to work on the computer all day from Monday to Friday. Every staff in the company is busy throughout the day (particularly on weekends), that is why it is convenient for guests to feel motivated, accepted, and rewarded.

  • Someone who can offer service to our visitors and feel excited thus making them assert, ‘I LOVE TARGET,’ operating in a studious and fun workplace makes you feel relaxed as everyone in the company works like a team effectively to make provisions for visitors.

  • You don’t find it hard to set, stock and sell target products because that’s the main thing target does.

Target will provide interested candidates training that will inform them concerning all they need to know to work as a small member of the Format team. But you ought to possess a number of skills from the start.

These skills comprise:

Former experience on reverse logistics or receiving but it isn’t compulsory, ability to work as a team and on your own, be able to understand and use current technology, tackle visitors questions right on the go, a helpful and endearing attitude to other team members and guests.

Being able to pay attention to detail and take to multi-step processes, should be above 18 years of age or more. Target is a fantastic place for you as an employee as they care about their staff and ensure that they point out every primary duty they expect you to handle.

Other basic duties the brand expects you to be able to handle are:

Scaling and coming down ladders, ability to process cash register transactions effectively, convenient work schedule (for example, holidays, nights, and weekends), willingness to work with electronic gadgets like an electronic pallet jack, regular attendance

handling, scanning, and transferring goods safely and effectively even regular moving or lifting of goods weighing about 40 pounds.

What is a reverse logistics expert target salary?

Earnings of a Reverse Logistics Expert at Target

As a reverse logistics expert working with Target, you earn $16 an hour. This statistics is from five salary reports from Target concerning Reverse Logistics Experts. If we consider other bonuses and compensation the individual gets, he or she should receive at least $16 on average.

In the US, a Reverse Logistics Expert makes a national average salary of $46,233.

Why does Target Need a Reverse Logistics Expert?

The main aim for which Target recruits candidates for this position is so that they will contribute towards the success of the company. But, there are special reasons why the brand employs this set of people.

The brand desires to create more return on investment with the aid of its reverse logistics department. Target also aims to mitigate its losses, enhance its environmental adaptability via its reverse logistics department, handle unplanned revenue and increase asset usage.

You can also be recruited to process painless return orders. Several customers complain about the stress they go through when returning misappropriate or bad products acquired from Target’s stores. That is why the company implemented a painless return strategy.

Thus, returns happen more often, and satisfying customers is at the helm of the entire business process.

To create more Revenue

During the retail return process, Target can accrue some benefits. A few statistics reflected that a returned good has real value, and a Target Reverse Logistics Expert can handle these returns efficiently. Due to that, the company has made more revenue by repurposing returned items.

And as a result of this strategy, Target has gotten a brilliant collateral benefit which is enhanced levels of customer satisfaction.

To Employ Returned Merchandise To a More Effective Use

At a time where we’re experiencing a heightened volume of the waste item all over the world, it is very important to identify more efficient ways to recycle and dispose of unused products. Particularly, the individual realizes a more beneficial and effective way of repurposing the item.


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