Wisconsin suspect driving car faces 5 murder charges | Court Matters

U.S. prosecutors say a sixth person, a child, died in an SUV crash on Christmas Sunday and more cases are pending.

Officials in Wisconsin state have been charged with manslaughter in connection with the deaths of five people in which an SUV crashed. banished to the Christmas parade on the Sabbath.

Darrell Brooks Jr. On Tuesday is charged with five counts of premeditated murder in connection with the incident in Waukesha, Milwaukee, left five people dead and several other injuries over the weekend.

Critics also say a sixth person, a child, has died and more cases are pending.

The city video and a recent video filmed the riot as the SUV paraded into the parade and then entered the crowd at about 4:39 pm (22:39 GMT) on Sunday in Waukesha, about 32km (20 miles) west of Milwaukee.

Waiting for Mayor Shawn Reilly he described what had happened as a “terrible tragedy”, I tell the media that it turned the traditions of the decades-old Christmas into a “terrible dream”.

“Last night, paradise was a nightmare. Last night many people were seriously injured. Last night, lives were lost in the midst of a celebration that was supposed to be… We had a terrible tragedy. We have a lot of healing that needs to happen,” Reilly said earlier this week.

Officials say at least 62 people, including many children, were injured during the operation, while several are still in critical condition.

Monday, Waukesha police chief Dan Thompson he said the authorities had no evidence that the incident was a “terrorist”. The suspect “deliberately drove his maroon SUV through fences,” Thompson told reporters.

“We are aware that the suspect, prior to this incident, had caused a commotion in the house – which was only a few minutes away – and the suspect left the scene as soon as we reached the house riot.”

Brooks first appeared in court Tuesday. He was heard crying in the middle of the trial, with his head resting on his chest and his lawyer leaning on his back.

Police closed the site on November 21 in Waukesha, Wisconsin [Jim Vondruska/Getty Images]

According to the suspect’s complaint, witnesses told police that the vehicle “appeared to be moving intentionally”, without trying to slow down or stop when it hit several people and sent bodies and flying objects.

The complaint states that a police officer shot the car, hitting it three times, and a police officer stepped in front of Brooks’ car and hit the scene, shouting “Stop” several times but Brooks passed him. The complaint said the officer wore police badges and a neon orange protective vest.

Brooks was released on $ 1,000 bail in a case in Milwaukee County in early November when he was charged with intentionally assaulting a woman with his car. Opponents say they are investigating how to use bail in the case, calling it “unnecessarily low”.

Brooks has been charged with more than a dozen counts since 1999 and has had two charges against him at the time of the accident. These include refusal or obstruction of the police, negligence, incompetence, jumping on the battery and battery.

The trial of the premeditated murder, which Brooks faces in connection with Sunday’s incident, carries a life sentence – Wisconsin ‘harsher sentence.

A woman walks past the front of the store on Main Street with a ‘Waukesha Strong’ inscribed on the window [Cheney Orr/Reuters]

Hundreds gathered in a park in the center of town Monday night in Waukesha to visit candles in honor of the lost and injured.

Two religious leaders read aloud the names of those who had died. Volunteers donated sandwiches, hot chocolate and candles to the event, which was attended by religious leaders and elected officials.

“We are parents. We are neighbors. It hurts. Takwiya. We are sad. We are confused. We are grateful. We are all in this together. We are Waukesha Strong, “said Amanda Medina Roddy, who mourns the death of Waukesha school.

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