Young patriot Tony Chung who led the student freedom movement in Hong Kong sentenced to 43 months under new Chinese law

In May 2020, President Trump had the audacity to address China about its many abuses. (I was in Hong Kong at the time and people there loved President Trump and praised him for his strength and courage.)

People of Hong Kong Praise President Trump for Yesterday’s Speech on China – “He Said What We All Think”

Within a year, China had used COVID to destroy the free country, leaving the economy in shambles.

China used China coronavirus to destroy freedoms in Hong Kong and punish protesters

Then China started arresting politicians for their belief in freedom.

Seven pro-democracy leaders in Hong Kong have been sentenced under new Chinese law and face up to five years in prison

utilities Newsmax reports:

The former leader of Hong Kong’s pro-independence group Studentlocalism was sentenced Tuesday to a total of 43 months in prison for trying to separate the city from China and for money laundering.

Tony Chung, 20, was charged in October 2020 with secession, under a sweeping national security law, and money laundering and was denied bail. Local media reported at the time that he was being held along with two others in a coffee shop near the US consulate by unidentified men and believed to be preparing an asylum application.

Tony is just a kid. However, he has the courage of a thousand men. (I’ve been to that coffee shop across from the US embassy many times while waiting for an appointment or to meet someone else with an embassy appointment.)

God bless the good people of Hong Kong. God bless hero, Tony Chung.

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